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The Benefits and Advantages of Artificial Grass

If you really just hate yard work or live in a hot desert climate that has you watering all day long like it does here in Las Vegas, then you may be considering switching over to or installing artificial turf in your backyard. Turf has many advantages to it that you need to be aware of before making a decision.

Artificial Turf


1. Less Maintenance - Artificial turf requires no mowing in the summer months, no fertilizing or irrigation and does not attract insect pests. A lush lawn will requires periodic fertilization as well as watering up to 2 times a week for 1-2 hours hours during dry weather. When it gets dirty it can simply be hosed off. Artificial grass may also be taken inside of your home, for example if you want to house train your indoor pet to use the turf, it is a bit easier to care for than real grass because no dirt or mud will be tracked in.

2. Saves Long Term Costs - Artificial turf installation costs more than traditional sod because synthetic turf requires the old yard be dug up, then a layer of sand be placed and evenly spread out, then a layer of rubber pellets be installed and the turf laid on top of it all. When comparing the prices, you must remember that real grass requires ongoing maintenance expenses for mowing, insect control and watering every single month while artificial turf will never incur these maintenance needs and lasts 15 to 20 years.

3. The Perfect Looking Yard - The look of a high end synthetic can easily fool your friends and neighbors. Some artificial turf manufacturers incorporate multicolored blades into their artificial turf to create a true natural, variegated look. Some lower quality and less expensive artificial grasses are easier to spot as fake than higher end choices. Your grass will always be green with artificial turf, rain or shine.

4. Betters The Environment - Not only is installing artificial turf cost saving, but it also cuts down the water usage for the average single family home. Replacing real glass with synthetic grass can also help save you money because there are rebates offered by Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) that help you pay for the replacement. 119 billion gallons of water have been saved since the Water Smart Landscape Rebate program began in 1999. SNWA offers between $1-2 back on up to 5,000 sq. ft of artificial turf installations. Initially, synthetic grass will cost anywhere between 10-15% more during installation, but this price difference is completely recovered within 6 months on the water bill alone. Outdoor water use is the highest for single family residences with up to 90% of the water used every month going to keep real grass green year round. Transitioning to artificial turf is the best option for everyone.


Artificial Turf

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