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Selecting the Perfect Tree at the Nursery

Your purchase is going to be an investment and it should meet your landscape needs. Trees come in many varieties: single trunk (the standard one), multi-trunk and natural (unpruned). Getting the most from your money and also a healthy looking tree means providing attention and care. The result is a healthy tree, shade, and a better environment for you.

Unpruned Crape Myrtle Single Trunk Crape Myrtle

Appearance Branches

• Damage free container • Should have space between them,

• Tree looks to be in good health not crowded or crossed

• No signs of insect damage, disease, • Should not be discolored, damaged

no drooping branches or distorted

• Canopy looks relatively proportionate

to the container size Leaves

• Should be uniform in size and color

Roots throughout the whole canopy

• No visible roots sticking out

from the top or bottom of container Trunk

• Roots shouldn't be circling the inside • Free of injuries, discoloration, cracks,

missing bark pieces, or sap oozing from the bark

• No abrasions or cuts from tree stakes or tree ties


The following trees are recommended for foolproof shade and beauty in the Las Vegas area. They will provide shade quickly, grow moderately fast, tolerant of full sun, various soils, heat, cold, and wind. They are also easy to find in local nurseries.

1. Palo Verde

This tree comes in variations like the Blue Palo Verde and the Foothill Palo Verde. The blue palo verde is pictured and is a perfect fit due to its low water use landscape. It has an airy and open growth pattern. It has blue-green leaves but during the spring beautiful yellow flowers cover this tree. Also requires infrequent and deep watering.

2. Chaste Tree

This tree is deciduous, and grows very rapidly. Its leaves are very aromatic. The lilac-like flowers are either blue or cream color. It becomes extremely tolerant of dry soils once established for some time.

Other popular trees include the Texas Mountain Laurel, Mexican Elderberry, Holly Oak, Native Mesquite, Black Locust, Yew Pine, Chinese Pistache and the Valley Oak.


To all the homeowners looking for the best tree for their landscape, please consult with a qualified professional to guarantee the tree is going to thrive on your property.

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