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Professional Sprinkler Repair Done By Professionals


Water is precious and expensive, don't trust your irrigation systems repair to an amateur. One Landscape's Irrigation Professionals will diagnose any problems you have and repair them quickly, to industry quality standards, and often times for much less than your neighborhood "landscaper". We'll do the job right the first time, saving you time and money.

Timer Programming and Electrical Troublshooting

Having your irrigation timer programmed correctly and with the appropriate amount of time for the current season can save you money and help to protect your landscape investment. It can also save you from costly fines by the water utilities should they find your sprinklers running when they shouldn't be.


Make an appointement today to have one of our technicians take care of this for you.



Leaking Valves, Pipe Repairs and Frozen PVB's

If it's leaking we'll find it, we'll fix it, and we'll save you money from not having to call an expensive plumbing company.


From leaking valves and PVB Shut Offs that have cracked from a freeze to a missing drip emitter that's causing a fountain in your yard, we fix it all.


Call or schedule an appointment online and one of our techs can take care of it quickly and with as little hassle as you can imagine.

Upgrades, Renovations and Irrigation Audits

New products are coming on the market all the time. From automatic fertilization tanks that take the guess work out of feeding your plants, to "Water Smart" irrigation timers that water based on the weather... the solutions available are almost limitless.


Let the experts at One Landscape audit your irrigation system for enhancements and water saving solutions that will keep your landscape looking and operating at its best.

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